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Default Re: Diy Acoustic wall panels

Oh yeah, once you get them all done you'll hear a big difference. I wasn't trying to knock your construction, I just wasn't sure if you were familiar with the rigid materials. I had a box of 12 OC703 sheets left over from my studio construction. The studio (350 sq ft) has four 6" deep DIY panels in the corners plus five commercial panels made by GIK (kind of like yours, with a frame but they include a 2" back space). I also have some Sonex foam panels on part of the ceiling.

I think these panels work way better than the foam materials. Certainly the bass absorption is much improved. I used the foam on the ceiling because it's just so much easier to install up there, a little adhesive and you're done. Hanging panels on the ceiling can be a chore. Walls are easy, Ook Hooks are your friends.
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