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Default Re: Admins - how to contact them?

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
Hang on a second.

You start a thread to get in touch with an admin, the question is answered emphatically and you still need to ask how to get in touch with an admin? I would try reading a few replies.
tough crowd. in regards to my post last night I just wanted to say hi. arky, I'll think about what you said then contact you guys :)

another quick question. If and when you guys count with your left foot do you count the quarter notes or the eighth notes?

I found a great metronome app and it's helped me a lot. same question here, should I have it count quarter notes or eighth notes (if I want to improve)?

currently to improve I'm focusing on the "and" of a beat. it's annoying. a lot of guys can play just the "and" of the beat on the hihat keep the groove steady. since I can't do that I practice by catching the "and" before and after after the beat sometimes. it's kind of like a flam, but exactly on the up and down of the beat. flams are easier for me to play for some reason.

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