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Default Re: Admins - how to contact them?

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
Hang on a second.

You start a thread to get in touch with an admin, the question is answered emphatically and you still need to ask how to get in touch with an admin? I would try reading a few replies.
tough crowd. in regards to my post last night, I just wanted to say hi. Arky, I'll think about what you said, then contact you guys :)

another quick question. If and when you guys count with your left foot, do you count the quarter notes or the eighth notes?

I found a great metronome app and it's helped me a lot. same question here, should I have it count quarter notes or eighth notes (if I want to improve)?

hardest part for me currently is focusing on just the and. it's annoying. a lot of guys do this on the hi hat and play a groove, but I just like to do it to catch a beat before the beat. kind of like a flam but not a flam more exactly to the beat. the flams are easier for some reason. also going after before is fun. like on the hardcore or punk beats they do the cymbal hits after isolated when their playing that fast groove. you're going fast bpm, 8ths on hi hat, snare every 1/4, and then you hit snare on the 1/4, but lag a cymbals or a bell behind. I get thrown off when I focus on it to hard but it's weird to just play an and as the groove sometimes then switching back.

I cant play just the and beat on the hi hat no matter what bpm LOL. the footwork just won't come it's weird.

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