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Default Re: Admins - how to contact them?

Originally Posted by bmeat View Post
I'm alive! How is everyone? I want to get hold of an admin to see if I can delete a bunch of stupid threads I started lol. Thanks.
1) Who are the admins of this forum?

- Bernhard
- bermuda
- Arky (that's me)

2) Choose one admin, send him a PM with your matter and they'll take care of it (within reasonable limits, depending on whether your concern makes sense etc). If it's something related to registration/membership status, I'd be the admin who spends most of the time on that sort of things so sending a PM to Arky would be the quickest way to get things done.

3) Now if you already have a clear idea of which threads you're referring to - put the links to those threads in your PM to speed up the process/eliminate the guesswork. Thanks.

One general remark though: You might think those threads are 'stupid' but always keep in mind that once you got replies in the threads you started, this means that people took the time to reply so they were sharing their views/experience etc. to help you out. And it isn't really considered polite to just wipe away all those contributions because the OP suddenly thinks that those threads are 'stupid'. Always think of the benefit they could have for others, you know. I think this is tends to be a neglected aspect. Maybe those threads aren't as 'stupid' as you think they are - at least not for others who, as said, could benefit from the infos given/stuff discussed there. You never know. I'm pretty sure that members aren't browsing the forum for 'stupid' threads and once they found one, think: Oh man, what a stupid member. This is a stupid thread. - We all have days when we'd post some less than extraordinarily intellectual comment (or create a thread) so don't stress yourself ;-)
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