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Default Diy Acoustic wall panels

decided to go the diy route on acoustic wall panels, got some 3" rockwool roxul insulation today and went to town making some wall panels. I know they would probably work better if i had them 2-3" off the wall but for now there working pretty good so far.

I figure that the bamboo fencing on the walls can help more than they hurt to.
Only made 6 today got to male 6 more for upper corners and then ill make some 6" bass traps for the real corners.
cost me 75.00 for all material for the 6 panels- 18 x 47 x 3 panels so its a lot cheaper than that foam crap and looks better to me.
Used weed stop to cover the panel, then covered face with burlap

room is about 13x13 so i hope once i get 6 more up and some corner traps this room will sound much better and get rid of the echo flutter
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