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I have used the PG kit live for about 8 years (I think). I picked it up from a guitarist for $100. Mine didn't come with overheads though. They are built solid and have been gigged several times a week for the past 8 years. I usually use the PG52 on my floor tom, and the PG56s on my rack toms. I use a D6 on the kick, Adx 81 overheads, an i5 on my main snare, and a beta57a on my side snare.

I have gotten great live and recorded sounds with the kit used as it is intended, but I prefer to use it the way I have listed (augmented with Audix mics).
It is a good kit but I wouldn't pay the new price for it. Try and find a used one if you can.

I have a brand new, still wrapped in plastic Audix DP-Quad kit for sale for $450. If you are interested shoot me a PM.
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