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Default Re: It's Been Awhile, But Look at What I Got!

Originally Posted by mmulcahy1 View Post
The only thing a magnet sticks to is the hoops.
Glad to hear it. If it did then it ain't a Supra and you'd have been hosed. Ludwig have never made a spun steel shell Supraphonic snare drum.

I'm a betting man. I'm laying money down on a good old fashioned Ludalloy LM400. I'll be interested to find out. Surely you're not gonna wait til you change heads to get to the bottom of this are you? If I thought there was even a remote chance I'd bought a COB at that price I'd have had it apart and investigated long before now.

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
If it has a "cut" B/O badge either it a B stock drum or it's COB
Doesn't look like they had much choice Steve. There's not a hell of a lot of room between the hoop and centre bead. Does the uncut B/O badge even fit on a 400?

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