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Default Re: Need a name please

Originally Posted by Mike_In_KC View Post

I am having major partner issues - and seem to be further away from starting the lawn service than I was last week when I asked for names. I am questioning some potentially under-handed tactics that my partner has espoused as it relates to under-selling the competition. I think it is a deal-breaker type of thing....

The response to my request for a name was outstanding and greatly appreciated - major hat tip for Al who designed an awesome logo and to everyone else who came up with creative and/or funny names. And yeah using the term "Special Forces" should only be used if you were in the Special Forces. The green berets do get touchy about this and you don't want to p1ss these guys off :-) I would compare using Special Forces to wearing a Hell's Angels patch if you aren't "in the club"....

Sorry to hear that, man. Better you find out now than a year or two down the road. Best of luck, and do keep in touch if you have something you want to move forward.
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