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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by Vibra-Slap'd
I have a question about hardware.....

I am thinking about upgrading my rack.... and I know that you customized a rack for Tommy with PDP and Gibraltar stuff....

My question is which of the 2 would you suggest buying a rack from, as the base rack.... Thanks for taking the time to respond...
Hey Shane, I am going to say Pacific... they make a terrific starter pack with a bunch of clamps included, plus their pipes are stainless steel and they stood up alot better for me than the Gibaltar stuff did. I'm sure you'll find more value in one of the pacific sets than any of the Kaman stuff. No disrespect to them by any means... it's just my opinion.

On a separate note: I'm teching for Dave Lombardo and Slayer next week for their taping on the Henry Rollins Show on the iFC channel... check your local listings... :)

Lastly, Tommy has decided on the finish for the Supernova kit and the upcoming fall Motley kit... they're going to be sweet! Thanks to all of you guys for the input. Late!
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