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Default Re: Arky's DIY cymbal modification stuff

Originally Posted by porter View Post
Super inspiring, actually. I have a 19" TRX crash that I just bought used and found a lathing crack in it after a month, so I think I'm going to attempt O-zoning it with a Dremel and these. Definitely going to double check my angles on it, but luckily the crack is in the perfect place to do this and I could actually use it after as well. Any tips?
To save material on the cut off wheels (which will get some wear anyway), I cut in straight lines when working on the holes - like in the pic. With more thickness, the wheels will have some serious wear and get reduced in size quickly. That's why I tried cutting in straight lines and it worked out. I would use dremel sanding bits afterwards to rework the outlines of the holes. It's still quite some work.

David Floegel did some ozone style modding recently and he used a far quicker solution - round drill bits. But you'd have to have a drill bit with the proper diameter. Ah, Porter, you're already familliar with that project as you replied in the thread... Here's the link:
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