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Default Re: Arky's DIY cymbal modification stuff

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Just wanted to chime in & say this is most inspirational Arky. A lot of love gone into those bells. Love it. Any chance of a video/audio file?
Andy - yes, there's those sample sounds from the first 10 bells I made, pretty early in the thread. It's been awhile. I should really create some new audio files or at least make a video and demonstrate a good deal of the existing bell collection.

It's all Gavin's fault! The moment I saw his appearance on the David Letterman show I fell in love with them, I had to have a few chimes of my own. Or 40+, haha.

weaponepsilon - your jig looks fine. I should do something similar. But I think it would be more of a help for marking the outlines than doing the cutting. As explained, I have a pretty 'sophisticated' method of cutting. It's turned into a habit and works for me. As for the outlines - if I need a specific/new diameter I would use a ruler and do a lot of individual markings and ultimately connect them with a marker. For smaller diameters I would simply look for an existing chime that I've made and simply use that one as a template. No they aren't perfectly round but pretty good for my crude processing.
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