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Default Re: Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

This is my Pearl MCX Chestnut-fade drum kit.

The snare is a Gretsch hammered brass 14 x 5.5, with Earthtone batter.
All other heads are Aquarian Modern Vintage batter and resonant heads, Except Front bass drum head being stock Pearl head. Bass drum Batter head Aquarian Modern Vintage with Evans E-mad felt taped to base drum.

10 x 7 tom, 12 x 10 tom, 13 x 11 tom, 16 x 16 floor tom, 22 x 18 bass drum.
Pedals are Pearl Direct Demon drive, Tama Iron cobra 2 legged lever drive, and also using an old Ghost bass drum pedal connected to an LP Fusheki Foot Shaker Bracket w/ Maraca.

All cymbals are Zildjian from different decades.
I am not here just to keep the beat; I add color, timbre, and presence.
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