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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Another quick setup I put together while my wife and kids were out of town visiting Grandma. Yes, that's our living room! :-)

In this pic, I have some pretty cool, one-off custom order sizes: (all factory DW of course)

24x18 African Chechen kick (yep...that's 24" DEEP by 18" Diameter)
10x13 Edge African Chechen snare (natural to candy brown fade) (yep...10" deep Edge)
8x10 twisted maple hanging tom natural satin (I have the matching 11x14 hanging floor, but it's not in this picture)
13x14 twisted maple natural satin floor tom
14x16 floor tom (will be used behind secondary snare)
6.5x14 African Chechen natural to red fade snare
18x20 natural maple kick (early 90's) natural satin
12x20 natural maple kick/woofer (early 90's) natural satin
All DW rack and hardware
All Zildjian cymbals

Not pictured but to be added the next time they family leaves town...
(3) Natural to candy brown fade rata toms (16x6, 14x6 and 12x6"
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