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Default Re: Vic Firth TITAN Drumsticks - Product Spotlight video

Well, guys, I finally did it. I broke one :( From my previous posts, we can see they lasted 3 and a half months through my very frequent playing. Before these, my sticks were usually ruined by rimshots in 2-3 weeks so by my worst estimate, these lasted 5 times as long as regular sticks in my situation, and they're 5 times the price- so they're an even trade in the worst case estimate. I'd call it better than that, though. I'm definitely buying another pair once I go into college, but for now I'm just going to try a couple different big sticks (starting with the Vater Marching MV-20s I've had for a while) and go from there. Seriously, though, the tone is pretty great for synthetic sticks and they feel great. Rimshots are definitely a bit louder. I recommend them.
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