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Default Yamahaha

Nothing too flashy but I did some upgrades to my stage custom in time to get out and play some gigs.

It's a 20x17, 14x14, 12x9, 10x8 kit. I'll probably gig it as a 4 piece.

I've replaced all the batter side tension rods with tight screws (they tend to loosen).

Also put brand new Evans 360 heads top and bottom (G2 clear over g1 coated) and it sounds really great.

Trick quick release cymbal toppers for quicker cymbal setup and pull down, as well as a quick release gibraltar hi hat clutch.

I wouldn't gig with the new eliminator pedals but I've got it setup as a 2nd kit in my practice room and I've been enjoying the new sound all afternoon. It's actually really cool having the hi hat where it is. I was going to cut down and wrap these drums but the cost turned me away, at least for now.

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