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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

So it was in school basically. I grew up playing a lot of sport, so I considered myself pretty coordinated.. I also learned a bit of Trumpet and Piano before Drums, so music and rhythm weren't foreign to me. But, when the time came in school when we were shown a few simple beats on the drum kit, I struggled. One of my good mates, who was extremely uncoordinated was much, much better than me (Absolutely great guy.. But could not catch a beach ball..Sorry bud).. So that's when the stupidly competitive streak in me came through and I practiced my butt off to be better than him.. After putting that much effort into practice, I realised I loved playing the drums, started my first band a couple of months later, and I've now been playing for about 12 years.

So there you go. Looking back at it now, it's really kind of a bad way of getting into the drums... But my god am I glad I did!
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