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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name - Matt Wilder
Age - 27
How long have you been playing - 12 years
Origin of user name - UV because I am very pale, M60 just kind of sounded cool after it
Your top 5 drummers - Benny Greb, Lucius Borich, Jojo Mayer, Steve Judd, Virgil Donati
Make of Drum Kit - Tama Rockstar
Make of cymbal - Pretty varied between Meinl, Sabian and Paiste
Where do you practice - At my bands rehearsal space
Are you in a band - Yep, Rise Overrun
Do you play covers or originals - Originals
What style of music - Alternative/progressive
Favourite take out food - Pretty much anything that involves rice and chilli... or KFC..
What country do you live in - Australia
One really odd fact about yourself - I have no odd facts.. Is that odd?
How did you start drumming - Basically through school. I learned a few different instruments before the drums, but drums definitely stuck!
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