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Default Re: My favorite sticks

Wanna know a secret? Don't tell no one this at all, EVER... The looser you hold your sticks, the less they slide around!!! How cool is that? When you tighten up on the stick it's usually from one point on your hand and that's the thumb and forefinger.

If you loosen your grip and distribute it acoss all your fingers, especially the back of your hand (the pinky and ring fingers) then you will be putting more skin on the stick and as a result, the stick slides out of your hand less.

The reason your sticks are sliding is because of the pinch at the top; it's like squeezing a tube of toothpaste in reverse and as the stick undulates on its track, it "walks" a little. As we get better in our technique we learn to make small adjustments to pull it back in so much that they become completely involuntary.

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