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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name - Adam Bunnell
Age - 31
How long have you been playing - 18 years
Origin of user name - My nickname and the band I drum for
Your top 5 drummers - Matt Halpern, Jake Garland, Lucious Borich, Matt Greiner,
Dave McClain
Make of drumkit - Pdp FS series and Alesis Dm10
Make of cymbal - Paiste (Alpha and pst5)
Where do you practice - At home on the Alesis and in our studio
Are you in a band - yes, SEGRESSION
Do you play covers or originals - Originals
What style of music - Metal
Favourite take out food - Chicken Burgers
What country do you live in - Australia
One really odd fact about yourself - I secretly like to watch cheezy reality tv shows
How did you start drumming - I moved cities when i was younger (13), I wanted to join a band at my new school, I originally played guitar, no one knew how to play the drums, I gave it a go and fell in love with it!!!
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