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Default Re: Yamaha Multipad revised

The original SPD-s was genius, you could footswitch a hi hat sound on one pad, or do a dynamic switch, and you had the expression pedal for the FX, better pads than the current ones, all it really wanted was more memory, an editor and a click like the new one, the rest of the good features were pulled so we would have to use an octapad for some of those other features..... IF they combined the two like yamaha have done and gave us a decent editor and rubber pads again it'd be great.

The Yamaha suffers in several areas, the sounds are a bit clunky, there's no way to play a snare roll as well as you can on a Roland, the menu system is terrible, if I want to set up 4 sounds on a pad it seems to be very time consuming, I will play with it more over the next weeks but I need to finish a couple of other projects first. The sensitivity on the pads isn't so good either, maybe I need to get the velocity curves set up a bit better, all in all electronics can be great, if set up correctly but it's all a bit of a headache. We have to accept limitations, APPLE wouldn't accept limitations, they'd make it work....
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