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Default Re: What was the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

Originally Posted by huangmi View Post
Sorry, I was typing on my ipod it always stuff up
Do you have a Galaxy and recently had a firmware upgrade? Ever since that upgrade the predictive text on my phone won't accept non-normal words unless you consciously press the left hand side option. Otherwise it puts in what it thinks you want to say. Was better before the firmware upgrade.

As for most embarrassing moment. Drummingwise was in my teens, playing at a fair and I dropped a stick during the drum intro and had to start again.

In real life, when I was much younger I fell down the stairs at a railway station on the way to work. I managed to grab a rail to prevent being hurt, but that meant I twisted around and ended up sprawled, dress up to my hips, chucking a Penthouse spread for everyone walking down the steps - in peak hour. Thankfully I was wearing knickers. People were saying "Are you alright" and I had my head down saying "Yes, yes" while thinking "Please just fcuk off and leave me alone" lol

Al, now you can be really embarrassed by the thread :)


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