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Default Re: What was the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

Originally Posted by huangmi View Post
For drumming my most embarrassing moment was I did this gig for one of my classmate's ... I drop mi both sticks ... a stick bag around mi floor tom ... my clothes. ... my buttons wrong or wear clothes inside out or back to front.
So now you're occasionally typing "mi" instead of "my"? You didn't do that in previous posts.. Are you trying to sound more foreign, maybe hook a few more unsuspecting, kind-hearted forum members?

And nobody is uncoordinated enough to put his shirt and pants on backward, yet still be able to drum and do Tae Kwan Do or whatever you claimed to be nearly a black belt in.

You need to work on your troll game. I don't mean to sound hostile -- trolls can be fun, but you're not quite clever enough. I also don't recommend coming back with a lame excuse about being Chinese.

I mean, really ... "Wang me"? No, thanks.
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