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Default What was the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

What was your most embarrassing moments it could be drum related or anything else. For drumming my most embarrassing moment was I did this gig for one of my classmate's 14 birthday party, there were like hips of hot teenage girls, and :D I just wanna show off in front them. So I decided to do tricks like flipping sticks during songs, the first two songs we did okay, but I got too carried away I drop mi both sticks for like 3 timez(how embarrassing!), at the time I only had one pair of sticks, now I've learnt to put a stick bag around mi floor tom!!
None drum related: when I was 7, I always had trouble putting on my clothes. I always done my buttons wrong or wear clothes inside out or back to front. One day my mom called her friends over, I was soundly asleep. She came to me and told me my best friend is waiting for me to play with him. So I quickly put on my clothes without realising it was all wrong. When I walk out of the room, all my mom's friends laugh at me coz I looked ridiculous.
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