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Default Re: Yamaha Multipad revised

Hey cristaples,
I was a bit surprised to see this thread being recycled as there's been limited interest in the Multi-12, so thanks for the feedback.
I like your enthusiasm for suggesting improvements to the Multi-12 but don't hold much hope for a version 2 upgrade, as there's only been minor firmware mods in 4 years.
As you've already noticed with the preset kits and trigger settings, Yamaha made the standard drum kits sound very basic.
The other brand multipads have probably also been configured with built-in limitations to encourage sales of their e-drum kits.
Regarding the iPad suggestions, check out the new Alesis DM Dock which should combine well with the Multi-12:

Wildbill - I gave up on us getting an editor for the Multi-12 long ago and just referred to the menu tree diagrams until I got used to them:
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