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Default Re: Yamaha Multipad revised

After two hours I realise that it's gonna take a lot of time to learn the DTX and how it can be programmed, an amazing bit of kit, especially once you get layering, but long winded in the editing.... also, sample length is restricted, I tried to put in a sample of the start of Metallica's Wherever I May Roam that we use from my SPD-SX, we had it lowered by a semitone, it won't fir....very annoying as I wanted to use the dtx in performance and all my samples only add up to 48mbytes, but at least 3 essential ones are too big to get in.

Yamaha's preset kits are not good at all, some have applications but not many, I like that I can program in synth notes and pitch them from the menu easily, the octapad won't do that, biggest downfall at the moment is the bad snare sounds, terrible and they machine gun like mad, no buzz rolls here!

Hansolo, your kits are cool, I like the tuned ones, especially the guitar distortion, gives me an insight to what is possible. I'm revising what i can do with the Yamaha, it looks like what I really want is an octapad voice set, with yamaha editing/pads,layering,triggering choices and roland sampling, with Roland edit menus, Damn!
Maybe better to use the DTX with the Roland Integra 7 for the supernatural drums but the layering in midi note numbers that is the big benefit of the dtx.

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