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Default Re: Yamaha Multipad revised

Thanks for the PM Hansolo, I hope you got my reply?

Got my multi 12 today, gonna give it a few days or so to get used to it, though I'm busy at the moment with lots of different projects.
I'm hoping to set up a couple of Depeche mode style kits, one light, one heavier.
a 909 style
808 style
dubstep style kit
drum n bass kit
latin percussion kit for use as a supplement to my acoustic kit
jazz blues percussion items
Rock Ballad percussion items
Electronic simmons style add ons
a general acoustic sounding kit,
something like a weckl percussion extras kit in two ways, one like his earlier playing, one like his current playing
Rock percussion kit.

This could take me months at present rate, but I'll get there in the end, I'm gonna make a reverse polarity lead for using my FD-8 Roland HH pedal with the yamaha too at some point, saves buying the yamaha version.

I'll also try and set up the triggers I use on my toms with the 5 inputs and a bass drum as well, there might be enough inputs when using splitter cables to do all 6 triggers.

I never trigger the snare, it always sounds a bit crap compared to the real thing and I use really nice snares anyway.
I want to try and use it as a stand alone, addition to my acoustic yamaha, triggering too....addition to my Woody Drums kit, also triggering but more mellow sounds, and also as adding extra foot pedal triggers when the Roland KT-10 comes out so I don't trigger and just use over heads and kick mic but have the pedal and HH controller present for electro and latin stuff..

Looks like I'll be learning a lot this next few months. I'm trying to learn Piano, Logic Pro X, watch Benny Grebb's dvd, practice some actual drumming, decorate and still go to work, and keep my wife happy! haha
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