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Default Re: Carmichael CT-200 drum throne anyone?

Originally Posted by Mike Stand View Post
Hi all,

Excuse me for bumping up a not so recent thread. It's justified though.

Has anyone used the Carmichael throne for other non-drumming purposes, as a chair/stool at home for example, at the dinner table or whatever else? Does it work?

I'm considering ordering one for myself but my wife actually has a far greater need for a "spine saver", unfortunately. So perhaps I should order two.

I know Carmichael produce proper office chairs based on the same concept but they're out of our price range, especially since I'm ordering from overseas. It would be cheaper to buy just the seat top and then add on a throne base and possibly a backrest.

What do you think?

My employer just bought me a Carmichael CT-580 Mesh back Executive Chair..................had it for about a week now and it feels pretty good.....................a little firm, but my back does feel better.

It will probably be a few months before I can give an honest, thorough evaluation.

This is the model:
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