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Default Re: Yamaha Multipad revised

They could increase the user patterns to 500 too, it's minimal on memory, but it'd be useful to those that need to have some alternate cascara/palito stuff, and any other things that can be thought of. it's only midi data most of the time...

Audio input volume on the front panel as a separate volume knob, so we can mix our monitors more effectively, I see the latest firmware update allows click only output to phones for more control for those of us with in ear monitoring, this would also help.

Increase user kits to 500, each kit's data is very small in comparison to other things onboard. It's not memory intensive. Roland gave us 100 on the octapad update. But if I was a pro I'd still feel this was poor considering the kit memory requirements.

Also, the click on the SPD-SX has increments in tenths of a BPM, nice touch, but a little difficult for quick changes on the fly, you could have that for ultra nerds, but also have a simple mode where the click is only dealt with in whole numbers like we are used toÖ.everyones happy, and itís just a menu item..
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