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Default Re: RED COOPER Hammered Snare 14*5.5 Killer snare !

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
Poor thread, I feel bad for new gear threads that Don't get any love. You should have lied and told them it was a limited edition Ludwig and they'd have been all over this thread.

The obligatory Red Menace bevy of questions: Where did you get it? Is it a Worldmax shell? From what I understand they're the ones putting out all the BB copies that we see except their hammered shells look a bit different.

Is it dry sounding? Woody?

Ok, enough of that for now, great snare.

Edit: 1500th post WHooo!!!

OK :) Bought it in France (Paris).
I've been living next to Lyon, (South France). I was looking for a brass or a red cooper snare and did not want to spend a lot for a new snare.
Sound is inbetween wood and brass, not so dry and warm to my ears.
I owned a Black Beauty 14*5 and, I'm sorry to say : did not like it at all... sold it ;)
This red cooper snare is just great and you can play whaterver you want.

See ya
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