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Default Re: Show your wood

Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
It is all cut down on the lathe. I do finish the inside, but I don't usually go finer than 100-120 grit with sandpaper, I feel it gives the snare more warmth as opposed to a highly polished reflective surface in my opinion.
Truly beautiful work!

Love the stickers inside. Me and bandmates would come up with marketing slogans for drum products like this:

"Sternum-crushing bass tone."

"Retina-detaching treble projection."

"Ear-impaling rimshots."

"Audience-decapitating cymbal crashes."

"Divorce-triggering volume."

"Cornfield-leveling sound output."

"Stool-softening double bass."

"Genital-bruising conga solos."

"Nose hair-singeing tabla solos."

"Aura-discoloring sitar solos."
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