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Default Re: The Red Menace's menacing red drums

Originally Posted by T.Underhill View Post
What's that Rogers drum ya got sitting there? :)
Hah! Great eye there T. It is a 60's (I believe) Rogers Holiday 20x14, Has a weird tom mount installed and is missing a hoop and half of the T-rods and claws. I think I'm going to sell it but I have no idea what its worth in that condition.

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
Hey, nice Carl Allen ride, don't see those around much (well, I have one...)
I love this ride. Somewhat recently moved it to the main crash spot right next to the hats and it has not moved. It serves as a crash that works remarkably well in everything I play and as a second washy ride which compliments the K beautifully.
Classy grip all day.
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