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Default Re: Do drummers have the ability to transcend time and space?

Originally Posted by BillRayDrums View Post
No, I know exactly what it's about because I'm writing a chapter in my book about it. Regarding the "inner spring".

I practice with tracks all the time; stuff that I'm either going to record, or stuff that I've already recorded that is fun to play. Some days I get into the room and it's as if I cannot play fast enough to keep up, or some days I'm just running over the time and rushing everything. It's that perception thing. So when I say "record everything" it's more or less to create a snapshot of your perception of that moment.
Oh okay, that makes more sense. As your speed increases, the "inner spring" as you put it would stretch, and we become more aware of the space in between the coils. The spring itself does not actually stretch though, just our perception of it. I think I like the spring analogy. They should use that in Physics class for those who don't get the concept of relativity.
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