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Default Re: Yamaha Multipad revised

If yamaha sort out the multi 12 and give it these updates, better front panel and menus, the volume controls like spd-sx, click ease of use that could be done with a few tweaks, (most important update to the spd-sx) extra 2gb memory, sub out and routings like spd-sx, it'll hook me in, I'll then sell my Roland spd-sx and my octapad. I was disappointed in the new sx as it has pads that are less playable, no layering, and no phrase maker. They added new stuff but took other things away.
Add a few more trigger inputs so I can trigger 5 toms, kick snare and a couple if extra bar triggers and it'll kill all the Roland gear. It's time for an updated product I hope.
I'd really go for that! Even if it was more expensive.
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