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Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat
I've just started the Art of Bop Drumming this week and am struggling with the independence and keeping the jazz ride going. It's very very well written and the playing on the CD's is truly superb. A great educator with a very good command of English. I must say I'm rather impressed by the book as a whole and if I knuckle down to it then I know I'll learn a lot.
If I were you I would spend a lot of time with Chapin's book before goiing into Riley's. If you are learning about "basic" independence" (it's not basic at all!), the important thing is to really understand the movements as you play the ride pattern with full, up, and down strokes. Mix that with the written snare pattern with accents, and you have a serious challenge. It's what I am working on right now...anyway, just trying to help by giving unsolicited advice. DPS
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