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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Hi there
I thought that Brick wall looked familiar ........ it's at the warehouse where they photograph the "ONE" series kits that they have on hand ...... funny. However, if you want the kit & if it's still available let me know & I'll have it on your doorstep within 10 days!!! :-))
Currently we have 5 "ONE" series full kits in stock along with about 15 or so "ONE" series Snare Drums so if anyone needs more info or photo's please contact me directly. Also, anyone looking for an "Elite" series kit there are just a few left before new shipments arrive in about 2 months though I am not sure how many "Elite" series will be in the shipment. I do know that the new Concert Tom Kits & the New Limited Edition Genista kits will be in so I am very excited about that.
One more piece of news is that ALL the British made "Aviation" Snare Drums are "ON SALE" right now at killer prices. For anyone who purchased a British made "Classic" series a few years back I do have a VERY LIMITED amount of "Red Moon Sparkle" Snare Drums in 10x6 or 14x5.5 at "Blow Out" pricing, along with some of the Newly designed Genista Snare Drums in various colors, again at "Blow Out" pricing.
Well, that's about all the news right now, so hopefully you have seen something here that sparks an interest to follow up with me. For those of you who don't know my direct contact, it is - You can also find me listed on the "Official Premier Website" directly below Hanser Music Group who are the US Distributors.
OH & 1 final thing is that I am VERY proud to say that The Hanser Music Group has honored me by now listing me as an Official "Premier Service Center" which am very excited about. This means that I will also be taking care of all & any Warranty issues.
Happy Days!!!!!!
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