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Originally Posted by evolving_machine View Post
I did not know which Elvin Jones thread to place this question in, I decided on this one since it discusses a lot of Elvin as a man, and not just his great drumming.

I like purchasing CD's and Records to listen to music. It gives back to the artists a little that way, I feel. Well of course we lost Elvin a few years ago, but his estate would most likely benefit from the purchases.

I purchased Bill Fresell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones. It is not a bad CD but Elvin does not sound like Elvin on this CD.

I've read a few reviews of this CD online, but other then commenting on Elvin's playing no one gave a reason. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light onto this and what made Elvin play so different on this CD.
if you listen to the record you can plainly hear that it is almost more of a progressive folk album than a jazz album

I was studying with Elvin during the time this album was recorded in NY and San Francisco ..... he enjoyed it very much... he loved stepping out of what was expected of him and playing what the music asked for .

Elvin said to me many times.... "play music man, just play music... don't play drums, drums are boring,... don't get all drummy play music"

can you imagine Elvin playing on Moon River on that album the way he plays on Resolution ???.... I cannot.... it would have destroyed the personality and integrity of the Bills work... and he knew that

it still sounds 100% Elvin to me .... his groans and growls are there... his intensity is there ....his little flows and tendencies are there...... it's all there just in a different mood

Elvin was a lot of things.... but a one trick pony he was not and this album proves that

fantastic drumming all over that record .... just amazing
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