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Default Re: The right cymbal case

Originally Posted by TColumbia37 View Post
I opted for the Ahead bag. The two big selling points for me were the plush dividers and the shoulder straps. One of my 18" cymbals is full of rivets, and I don't want those coming in direct contact with any of the other cymbals. It hasn't been a problem in my hard case, but once I get a china, I can see that being an issue without good dividers. I've read some great reviews on it, and I've seen their drum cases, and they're just awesome, so I'll give it a chance. If this bag is anything like their sticks, however, I'll be returning it immediately.

So what I determined is that for MY needs, the Ahead Armor 24" soft cymbal case works best for me. I have two 24" rides, a 22" crash, 20" Novo china, and 15" hats. So, the fitting issues come into play with large diameter cymbals, and odd "profile" cymbals, (like chinas, flat hats, and deep dish rides).

All of my pies just barely fit in this bag, and I had yo exchange one because it was too tight to zip my 24s in. The SKB hard case, although I liked it in concept, was a no go. Too small to work. Dam china...

I don't see ever having MORE cymbals, so for me, I am glad the Ahead bag works. Backpack straps are awesom for load in/ out. To me, stamps are way more useful than a roller board. There are too many stairs and whatnot to make the wheels more useful than straps.

IF I had to have another cymbal, I would just get another Ahead bag. But I would hate to have to buy two SKB 24" cases just to transport what I have now.
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