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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd, I am a huge Styx fan and you are truly an inspiration for me to play drums! I saw you live with Styx a few months ago and it was awesome. Anyway, I have a show coming up this week and I was just wondering what are some drums, cymbals, or auxiliary instruments to help make my sound pop and sound different from the others. At this point, I have a china, small bell, 3 woodblocks (small, medium, large), a cowbell, and a microsnare along with the other basic parts of a drumset (13 inch snare, bass, 3 toms, ride, high hat). I noticed that you had what almost looked like a floor tom upright? Also would would probably be your favorite cymbal? Any toms that you recommend?

Thank you very much,

Stephen C.
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