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Default Re: Ludwig Atlas Standard hardware - looking for feedback

I stopped by Donn Bennett's yesterday and checked out the Standard line in person. (Great folks. Even though I only stop in twice or thrice a year, they remember my name and where I live). They are at least as sturdy as my Yamaha 700s, and the Standard single pedal and hi-hat felt really clean and smooth. Best of all, they are substantial without being too heavy.

I momentarily toyed with the idea of putting a shell-mount cymbal mount on the kick, but that would put the ride a bit higher than I like it.

I also checked out the Classic and Pro lines, and it reaffirmed my impression that Ludwig has completely changed their game on hardware. These are competitive pieces of hardware in all three ranges. The Pro pedals felt especially smooth (although I also enjoyed the new Gibraltar G-Class).

I also found my next cymbal to go with the Standards -- the Sabian Bash Ride (I loved the 24", although Bo reminds me that I'll have to get another cymbal bag too if I do that).

Summer can't get here soon enough!
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