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Originally Posted by Will-Myster
Lars is truley an amazing drummer. His style is unique and it's enjoyable to listen to his symbal patterns, how he transfers back and forth, and makes almost like little solo's with his symbal. I think hes just right for Metallica. He knows when to play it simple, and when to kick it up. Like enter sandman, simple beat. Then, you got One. Its insanity. Anyhow. I think Lars is one of the best drummers today in the world of rock/metal. I hope he remains in Metallica.
A "symbol" is one object that represents another by association, resemblance, or convention, while a "cymbal" is a musical instrument.

I agree with you. Lars knows when to play both simple and complicated grooves, and has a knowledge of when and where such grooves should be played. However, I have to disagree with your opinion of "Enter Sandman", as Lars could have created a more complicated beat which would have fit the song better.

- Marc
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