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So Im also doing the Berklee 5-week program, and getting taught by Blackwell for a funk/fusion lab (minnietguinea whats your name I've probably met you sometime in the practice rooms or whatever). Blackwell is the man, really cool guy.....not so great teacher. I mean, im sure he would be better, if he didnt spend most of the time we have showing us videos of him playing with Prince. We also missed one class becuase he had a clinic....and there was no talk about making that up so i dont know. His class is really fun, I would just rather have him teach us more instead of showing us videos. This week everyone in the class has to do an open solo (up to 10 min) for him....that should be fun, as long as I can try to forget who im playing for so i dont get nervous. Its still a shock to me that when I see him walking down the street by Berklee he says Hey to me. Berklee is awesome.
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