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Default Re: Cordless Drill/Driver

Well, I wound up getting the Ryobi Tek 4 for my birthday the other day:

Details on it here:

The initial test was very good. I used it with an Evans bit. It's a light unit. Reversible. It has 2 speeds, 200/600 RPM. It comes with a carry bag, charger and a set of 6 screwdriver bits (3 straight, 3 phillips). It has a quick release chuck (push/pull to insert and extract) and should fit any standard 1/4" hex shaft bit. It also has an LED work light underneath that illuminates the work area.

The low speed worked smoothly and effectively. It has a 20-something position torque limit. I found that the lowest setting gave me something a smidge tighter than finger tight.

Hopefully I will remember to give another appraisal after I've had it for a while. Right now, though, it looks pretty good for the intended purpose.
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