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Originally Posted by ramondo View Post
Well I'd much rather look at her than most of the ugly brutes you see on a drumstool.

Someone made the comment about Pro Tools, and I've always had the impression that with bands like The Corrs (i.e. 3 lovely dark haired Irish sisters, a record company exec's dream - and the token brother), as they're leaving the studio and the recording guys are saying "yeah girls, that was great", the session musos are slipping in the back door to re-record. What the public eventually gets are the (doctored) vocals, the diddly-idle fiddle part, and the image.

Call me cynical, but that's what I always think when I hear the songs.
There might be plenty of studio trickery that we don't know about, but there's no denying that they can actually play and sing. Look up any of their performances from talkshows (where they have no way to edit or control the sound after the fact) and you'll find that they're doing a fine job.

Here's a Letterman performance, and as far as I know there's definitely no lipsyncing or other trickery allowed there:
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