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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Originally Posted by Power Tom View Post
Here are my Sonor Designer Maple Lites in Bubinga. (Some of you may have seen my thread where I was deliberating between these or a DW collectors kit, both 'second hand' but basically unused.)

I bought 8 shells (no snare) that were advertised as 'unused and kept in storage as an investment.' I think they were manufactured in 2005 and were apparently ordered for a tribute band tour that never materialized. In fact, if anyone has any pics of Chester Thompson around that time playing Sonor kits, I'd be really interested to see them as I can't find any.

Everything is totally mint, with my only concern being the 'gap' in the finish and apparent glue marks on the 8" tom. Pictures below.

This is my first Double Bass set up kit, so please feel free to comment. Ill post in the appropriate thread on that later. Remote hats and primary hats are just thrown in there at the moment until my legless hat stand arrives and i can get the pedals organized.

Hope you like it. Now, where did I put my 'how to play double bass licks' DVD?

Stunning kit and just goes to show that every company is not perfect. I had a Fibes birdseye maple kit that had pink glue leaks at the seams!
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