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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

I was turned on to this alternating hands/feet topic by my friend Vito Rezza. I sort of became obsessed with it, partly it is a really cool thing you can work on when your concentration level is a little saturated, you can do it sort of mindlessly just as a muscle control exercise. I go through it rudimentally and in combos of 1,2,3,4,5and 6 note timing, 5's really tore me apart feeling every other accent on the kick note is just kind of an alien feel. After a year or I has it been 2?........of working it hard I am not quite up to Steve Smith's speed and fluidity, but getting close. He learned it I think indirectly thru Alan Dawson. He elaborates in the "standing on the Shoulders of Giants" DVD. Ialso can pick it out from songs and solo's now. Donati demonstrated it at one his clinics I attended, he came across as "I can do this but I really doubt you can" when asked to break it down slowly. I felt great cause I can too. I find it more efficient for me to cross it up, so it becomes more like a RLRL single stroke roll in the brain, RH/LF/LH/RF.
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