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Originally Posted by Joe Morris
I saw Dream Theatre 2 years ago. I walked out after 6 songs. All I have to say about Mike Portnoy is he had really cool shoes.
i saw them too, wakled out after 6 songs, boring, he has no feelig when he plays
and portnoy's kit is too much for him, weckl, carey, chambers, beauford,agren and a lot more do greater things with a smaller kit...
he reaaaally does that thing 2xhand 2 xfeet too often...
his technique isn't great and as someone said earlier, he just pust 4/4 on different time signatures. Amateur drummers go " he's the best, he has a lotta details, and his technique, woahh" he has the strokin technique of grohl and he's so stiff, unlike beaufor
.once you get to know him you can catch the details real quick and they aren't really hard...
you should listen to dave weckl, those are details, or danny carey if you like rock music",
listen to them carefully, with headphones, and you'll realize in each song there are tons of details. tons of em..
mike's really good but for me he's one of those drummers who is now stuck.. the new record sounds just like the one before. and that one sounded like the one before...he hasn't shown anythin new
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