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Default Re: Looking for a longer stick.

Originally Posted by porter View Post
I actually posted about this in a different thread, too:

As for the stick sizes, those terms are so broken and misleading it befuddles me. Just look at the spread in 5A diameters you have from four major stick manufacturers: Vic's are .565, Pro-Mark's are .551, Vater's are .570, and Regal Tip's are .580. Pro-Mark's 5Bs are .590- they're actually closer to a Regal Tip 5A than that same RT5A is to Pro-Mark's 5A. None of the designations are standardized, every company has their own special ones that don't make any sense, and it's all a huge cluster. The only actual order seems to be a very general one of higher numbers indicating smaller diameter, which, like... what? Even bra sizes make more sense than this stuff.
That's actually why we launched the Promark Select Balance series. Rather than focusing on labels that have no quantitative meaning, we chose the 5 most popular diameters of drumsticks and designed a system around them to offer two different feels based on balance. More details here, if you're interested:
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