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Default Re: Trad Grip Group!

Pretty much every teacher I've had has commented on the fact that I play traditional and want me to switch.

They also say I'm dong it wrong, though they all seem to have almost completely opposite opinions on why it's wrong. Obviously, they're all strictly matched players, so.......

Thing is though, I can do anything I want with it and apart from some stress around my picky bone several years ago when I was first starting out I've never had a problem. A slight adjustrment inspired by Jim Chapins DVD fixed everything.

I feel loose and relaxed and can easily play with all the speed and power I want all day.

I just love how it feels sitting behind the kit and groove when I play traditional.

Matched works ok too. That's what I do when I teach. There's just something about Mar... ehm... traditional, though.
I like Jazz-rock, it both swings and rocks.
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