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Default Re: Trad Grip Group!

Originally Posted by SquadLeader View Post

Recently been trying to learn trad grip and it's coming along.

Two things...

(i) After playing for a while it begins to make the bones in my finger next to my pinky ache. Perhaps I'm holding the sticks too tight??

(ii) I find it practically impossible to strike cymbals with my trad hand (left). Literally I just cannot seem to do it. Is this normal? Something I just need to hone and work on.

Generally I find it pretty comfortable for the often very fast, snare orientated, punk beats I play in the originals band I'm in.
I would try Youtube videos of Buddy and some of the other greats to see how they crashed with the traditional left hand. Cymbal placement would be the first step. Height and angle would have to change and you would have to clear the hihats, but do some looking around.,
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