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Default Re: Alternate Ride Cymbal Mouting Options - Atlas Scissor Lift?

Yes, it helps to have larger bags. I use a 16X18 PR bag for my 16X16. The extra 2 inches helps loading the drum with or without mounts. Heck, my 3 Keystone brackets stick out nearly as much. I use a 18X24 bass drum bag for my 18X22 too. I also had my former kits' 14X24 in that bag too with no worries.

I've always found it very useful to upsize, even the PR bags made for 'rims'. I like to be able to easliy slip them in instead of forcing them in past the zippers. Drop and zip makes pack up at 2 am so much easier. Bending over to fight zippers at that time would not make me happy.
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