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Default Re: Update on the guy who sabotaged my van

I'm sure he hasn't faked his own death. river currents can be really strong. They might find him a few weeks later, or maybe never.

Either way, you shouldn't dwell on it, Larry. Especially when talking about karma and things like that. Forgive and forget, now that he's gone, you should think less about what he might have done in his life.

As far as everyone that thinks what Larry went through isn't plausible, I disagree. I have a strong suspicion I've been followed for years by some member of legislative assembly's son for a few years now. Entering my house when I'm not there, Stuff disappearing. God knows what else someone malevolent would do if they could enter your house again and again without consequences. Things have gotten better of late, thankfully. Karma, I tell myself.
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